Printed Materials

First and foremost, the ideal setting for these flyers is next to the cash register at beer retailers. Start your efforts by talking to the manager at your local beer retailer and getting permission to leave a hefty stack there. Also, bars and restaurants are another obvious choice. Stacks on the bar would be ideal. And space on the wall would also be great. See if the manager will let you tape one prominently on the wall as a poster. There are even some grocery stores around the state that pride themselves on having a great beer selection (the Western on Rocky Ridge comes to mind).

Of course, don't stop there. Perhaps there are some community bulletin boards where you could post one? Or coffee shops and/or book stores? Anywhere there might be people passing by who appreciate quality beer. Just make sure you always get permission from an appropriate person.

Business Cards

Download Business Card - Avery 3612 Download Business Card - Avery 5377

It's helpful to be able to leave a convenient business card when talking to businesses or even friends about Free The Hops. It can ensure they are able to find the website when they have a chance to sit down in front of a computer. Using the links above, download FTH business cards to be printed on either Avery 3612 or Avery 5377 business card sheets. Avery perforated business card sheets can be purchased at most office supply stores. You may even want to write your own name and phone number on the back of a card so the potential supporter/sponsor will have an easy way to talk to someone later if they have questions.

Membership Registration Forms

Download Membership Form

Not everyone has access to the internet, and of those that do, not all feel comfortable entering credit card info even on PayPal. Therefore, we have created handy membership registration forms that people can fill out with a good old fashioned pen and mail in along with a good old fashioned check.

Talking Points

Download Talking Points

Always be prepared to encounter someone who opposes our cause. Some people know nothing about beer and naturally assume that all we care about is getting drunk. And someone who knows nothing about beer will probably assume that the higher alcohol beers we want to bring to the state are no different than the bland, watery, macro lagers we already have on shelves here, only more potent. "The effects of two beers in one bottle. How convenient..." will be their suspicious accusation. There will be claims that the lifting of the ABV limit will result in more drunk driving deaths and more underage drinking. These assertions are completely baseless and without any empirical support of any kind. Use the link above to download a list of talking points to help you refute false accusations about our cause and the effects it will have on Alabama.

These talking points will be revised as we gain more points in our favor during the course of the campaign. Check back from time to time.