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Free The Hops | Alabamians for Specialty Beer (FTH) is a membership-based organization and an Alabama incorporated nonprofit. We have a passion for great beer, but some money would be nice, too.

While donations are always welcomed, we want to give something of real value to the community of beer lovers in Alabama. That's one of the reasons we created FTH membership.

Membership fees and donations given to Free the Hops are not tax deductible.

Membership Options

When paying for memberships via PayPal, before you click "Pay," please be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your t-shirt size in the appropriate field. If you have not received your t-shirt within 4 weeks, please email store @ freethehops . org.

General Membership - $25
General Membership entitles you to an FTH t-shirt and invitations to all FTH events, including regularly scheduled private beer tastings. General Memberships are for individuals only, and General Members are asked to renew their membership annually.

Sustaining Membership - $100
Sustaining Memberships are for businesses who want to become a sponsor of Free The Hops (and be listed on our sponsors page) or individuals who want to make a larger donation to the organization. For individuals, a Sustaining Membership provides all of the benefits of General Membership. Sustaining Members are not asked to renew their memberships annually.

Membership Renewal- $25
If it has been a year since you joined, we would really like you to renew your membership. Unfortunately, it costs money to get legislation passed so we need your continued financial support. You get the option of getting a second T-shirt for renewing, but if you would prefer not to receive it, that will save us money -- which we will use in our efforts to liberate beer in Alabama. We change t-shirt designs from time to time, so choose if you wish to receive a new shirt or not.

All members (both General and Sustaining) will also receive an FTH sticker.

We realize some of you may not be comfortable sending money electronically via the internet. Therefore, we are also prepared to do business the old fashioned way. If you'd rather not join using the above PayPal links, feel free to make out a check to "Free The Hops" for $25 for General Membership or $100 for Sustaining Membership, and mail it along with your T-shirt size and email address to the address below. (Please note that all details about membership events are communicated by email.)

Free The Hops
P.O. Box 660068
Vestavia Hills, Alabama 35266

Benefits of Membership

Membership of Free The Hops has many benefits, which include:

  • Private tastings and other FTH functions
  • Invitations to all FTH events
  • Free T-shirt
  • First chance at tickets for the Magic City Brewfest and the Rocket City Brewfest
  • Voting in meetings
  • Serving as a leader
  • Representing FTH at other events (e.g. speaking at conferences or local meetings)

FTH Black T-shirt Back

All Free The Hops members can vote in public Free The Hops issues and can serve as leaders and directors.
You must be present at the monthly meetings in order to vote on public issues.

Whether as a General Member, a Sustaining Member, or through a basic donation, your support helps us with costs like:

  • Print and web hosting costs
  • Sponsoring events such as beer tastings
  • Lobbying and hosting beer sessions for state legislators
  • Educating the public about gourmet beer