Anheuser-Busch Boycott

For some of you, this may feel very familiar. You know that Free the Hops works within the system to make changes, and our motives are transparent. You know exactly what we want because we've always made our goals clear:

  • we want better choice and more gourmet beer in Alabama;
  • we want to encourage the development of local breweries and other businesses;

Unfortunately, Anheuser-Busch and a group of independent distributors in Alabama that carry their products, have been working against these goals in Montgomery

Until further notice, Anheuser-Busch brands and all products from their distribution network in Alabama are banned from Free the Hops events. We also ask that our members and supporters boycott their products. This ban will be in effect until the Brewery Modernization Act becomes law.

This means that the 2011 Rocket City Brewfest and Magic City Brewfest will not have some great breweries like Avery, Back Forty, Boulder, Gordon Biersch and Great Divide. We hate that. Many of these breweries have supported FTH over the years and (somewhat ironically) many of their beers are only available in 22oz or 750ml bottles. We also know that many of these breweries, and the stores selling them, actively support the Brewery Modernization Act and the Gourmet Bottle Bill.

We don't wish to punish these breweries, but they made a decision to be represented by certain wholesalers, and every dollar we spend on their beer in Alabama supports these wholesalers. FTH will not fund or promote interests that oppose craft beer and economic development.

We ask that you join us by not funding the opponents to beer. If you wish to spread the word, you can retweet our blog posts or other answers, and most of all... you can help by avoiding the brands distributed by these companies. We will add links to websites wherever possible.