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SB234 introduced to protect consumer privacy

As you may recall, last fall the ABC proposed a regulation requiring breweries collect detailed personal information on each consumer purchasing beer to go. We at Free the Hops voiced our concerns, and many of you called and emailed the ABC Board over this invasive proposal. The ABC ultimately dropped the proposal but indicated that [...]

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More on the ABC Board Ruling

So this past Wednesday the ABC Board met to finally vote on the new proposed rule change that would require the consumer to give up some personal information and be kept for either auditing or review by the ABC Board.  Firstly Free the Hops would like to personally thanks each and every one of you [...]

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Growler bill passes both House and Senate

When I saw the headline yesterday from Dan Roberts with the Alabama Brewers Guild saying that SB211 “Growler” bill had passed the state’s Senate, I said to myself, “I never thought I would see this day a few years back”.  The Senate passed the bill 23 to 4 yesterday afternoon with the House passing HB176 [...]

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Senate Bill 439 and House Bill 581

The above bills have been proposed by the Alabama Legislature.  The bills will allow breweries to sell beer directly to consumers off-premise and to operate a restaurant but only for breweries above 25,000 barrels in annual production.  Currently there are not any Alabama breweries above that threshold so this bill does not help Alabama breweries. [...]

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Homebrewing Bill Signed by Governor Robert Bentley

On May 9th Governor Bentley signed HB9 (the homebrewing bill) into law effective immediately. It allows for up to 15 gallons to be brewed at home a quarter or 60 gallons a year. Alabama became the 49th state where homebrewing is legal. Thanks to Right to Brew and everyone who contacted their legislators and Governor [...]

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Homebrewing (HB9) Bill Passes Senate

Email from Right to Brew… After a drama-filled day for us listening to the Senate, and after all hope seemed long lost, they brought up HB9 unexpectedly, out of the blue, and passed it 18 – 7 – 1 tonight, without a single word of debate. The Alabama Homebrew Bill has passed the Legislature!!!! It [...]

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Homebrewing Bill Update

From Right to Brew… The Alabama Homebrew Bill, HB9, was reported favorably by the Senate Job Creation and Economic Development Committee yesterday afternoon. The next step is for the whole Senate to vote on it. If HB9 gets approved by the Senate, then it goes to the governor to sign into law! But first, it [...]

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Homebrew Bill on Special Order Calendar, Tuesday, April 2nd

Homebrewers, craft beer enthusiasts, and everyone who respects personal freedom, it is time for all of us to email and/or call our Alabama House representatives! HB9, the Alabama Homebrew Bill, is scheduled for a vote in the House of Representatives this Tuesday, April 2. Our neo-prohibitionists opposition is out in force, and it is critical [...]

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Statement From Free the Hops Regarding Homebrewing Legislation

The Free The Hops Board of Directors, Officers, and active members are currently in the process of discussing the official 2013 agenda for our organization. Yes, even though we’ve accomplished the two core reforms the group was founded to address (and a third we added along the way), Free The Hops is sticking around to [...]

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Continue Contacting Governor Bentley!

Gourmet Bottle Bill To all of those who have been contacting Governor Bentley expressing your support for the Gourmet Bottle Bill (SB294)…THANK YOU! But we are still only two-thirds of the way to our goal of making the GBB a state law. If you have not contacted the Governor’s office please do so. If you [...]

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