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Magic City Brewfest Events

Thursday, May 31st – Get your palate warmed up for brewfest weekend Thursday night at Good People’s taproom. There will be music by Stewart McNair and probably a game or two of ping pong. Friday, June 1st – After you have had your fill of MCBF beer head on over to Avondale Brewing for the [...]

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A Statement from the Board of Directors of Free the Hops

With the Governor signing the Gourmet Bottle Bill into law, Free the Hops has met the second of our two main goals.  So, what now?  We still plan on coordinating beer festivals and Magic City Brewfest is coming up in less than two weeks – what a great way to celebrate our third bill being signed [...]

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Governor Bentley Has Signed Gourmet Bottle Bill

Free the Hops has confirmed with Governor Bentley’s office that he has signed the Gourmet Bottle Bill into law. Thank you for all of your phone calls and emails to his office and the legislature’s as well. This is a great day for craft beer in Alabama. Please stop calling his office, they’ve had enough!!

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Continue Contacting Governor Bentley!

Gourmet Bottle Bill To all of those who have been contacting Governor Bentley expressing your support for the Gourmet Bottle Bill (SB294)…THANK YOU! But we are still only two-thirds of the way to our goal of making the GBB a state law. If you have not contacted the Governor’s office please do so. If you [...]

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Gourmet Bottle Bill Update

The legislature has decided to adjourn this year’s session on Wednesday the 16th, instead of Tuesday the 15th.  This removes our bill from the ‘pocket veto’ window so if Governor Bentley takes no action on the bill, it will become law without his signature.  However, if he were determined to kill it, he could still [...]

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Gourmet Bottle Bill Passes House, Contact Governor Bentley

Due to all members of Free the Hops’ hard work yesterday the Gourmet Bottle Bill (SB294) passed the Alabama House of Representatives yesterday by a vote of 58-34. This was an incredible turn of events after GBB did not pass the Budget Isolation Resolution (BIR) vote the day before. Getting GBB through the House yesterday [...]

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Contact Your House Representative About The Gourmet Bottle Bill Now!!!!!

The Gourmet Bottle Bill, SB294, did not pass the House Budget Isolation Resolution vote yesterday but that does not mean that our bill is dead. Time is running out though and there is still a chance this session to pass but it is imperative that you contact your House representative asking that they bring SB294 [...]

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