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Brewery Modernization is now the law of the land

Just got official text message confirmation. Governor Bentley has signed SB192 into law. Tap rooms are now legal. Brewpubs can sell their beer off-site and be located in an economically distressed area. Rejoice!

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Governor Bentley says he will sign SB192

Birmingham News: Alabama Governor Robert Bentley plans to sign beer bill into law. An article in the Birmingham News confirms that Governor Bentley plan on signing SB192. A good read overall.

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SB192: Gamechanger

Here’s an interesting video from the folks at The Terminal. Shot during the Magic City Brewfest, it features interviews with some of the folks behind Avondale, Back Forty, and Good People, and what passage of the Brewery Modernization Act will mean to them and their businesses. To channel the president of Free the Hops – [...]

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The Governor and SB192

I traveled down to the Magic City Brewfest last weekend. When talking to people there, I noticed a disturbing trend. Apparently we have oversold the idea that it doesn’t matter what the Governor does with SB192. If he signs it, it becomes law. If he doesn’t sign it by Thursday, it becomes law. If he [...]

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Thanks to all who helped make Magic City Brewfest a success.

  On behalf of Free the Hops I want to thank all of the volunteers, breweries, distributors, and workers who helped make the 5th Magic City Brewfest a great success.  Thanks to all of our sponsors as well for helping out…J.Clyde, Good People, Back Forty, Straight to Ale, Big Al, Zeekee Interactive, Piggly Wiggly, Pinnacle [...]

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There is some confusion about when the Governor must sign or veto our legislation, and what happens if he does nothing. The Governor has until Thursday to sign or veto SB192. If he does neither by the time the legislature adjourns, it will become law because the bill was passed before the pocket veto was [...]

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Brewery bills in Texas

We don’t normally use this space to talk about beer laws of impact outside of Alabama, but HB602 in the Texas legislature has been interesting to follow this year. The bill is now dead for the year.

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Magic City Brewfest Walkup Ticket Price

Tickets are still on sale but they are going fast. If you haven’t bought online the walkup ticket price the day of the festival sessions will be $38. Save some bucks and buy online at this link. Thanks and see you tomorrow!

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House Debate audio

Pretty quick this time. Representative Joe Hubbard introduced us on the floor. Download

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What’s the Governor going to do?

To be honest, we don’t really have much indication on what course of action the Governor is going to take once SB192 gets to his desk. There is a lot of speculation and armchair political consulting flying around. We don’t expect a veto, but I can’t definitively tell you that it won’t happen. In the [...]

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