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Homebrew legalization fails

After some lively debate, HB266 failed a floor vote today 28-45. I’m really quite confused. Some of the No votes don’t even make sense. We’ll put the vote results in the Find Your Legislator tool shortly. HB266 is not a Free the Hops bill.

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The Alabama brewing industry vs. other southern states

SB192 is about economic development in Alabama. The legal situation here is not conducive to a thriving brewing industry. To show this, I’ve looked at the numbers in Alabama versus the numbers in the southern states surrounding us. It’s also helpful to look at South Carolina – which has a very similar population to Alabama [...]

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Alabama Brewers’ Guild statement on the boycott

The Alabama Brewers’ Guild issued a thorough statement on the Free the Hops boycott this weekend. An excerpt: Small, independent breweries in our state have a steep uphill battle from their moment of inception. We do not enjoy the same privileges in Alabama that breweries in other states enjoy. Many breweries thrive in states such [...]

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Comment moderation

Starting yesterday, we began moderating all comments left on this blog. So if you leave a comment, it may take a short amount of time for it to be approved. We are not moderating comments to prevent criticism. We are moderating to prevent obscenity, extreme profanity, and libelous statements from appearing on our website. We [...]

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Birmingham News on the boycott

Lots of articles have been circulating since yesterday, but I think this is a pretty comprehensive one. Birmingham News: Free the Hops calls for boycott of beers stocked by Anheuser-Busch distributors in Alabama Quoting my friend Stuart Carter: This is not a decision that the board of directors or the senior officers of Free the [...]

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Response to George Burgess

Turner Beverage (Huntsville distributor of Anheuser-Busch) Sales Manager, George Burgess, was quoted today by regarding the Free the Hops boycott. We have absolutely nothing against Free the Hops. I wish everyone would read the actual legislation over for themselves before jumping to any conclusions off of just sound bytes. I’ve known George for a [...]

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Fox 6 Coverage on boycott

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Alabama Brewers’ Guild endorses SB192 (The Brewery Modernization Act)

From their press release this afternoon. Thank you, Alabama brewers. On April 5th, 2011 The Brewery Modernization Act, Senate Bill 192, passed the full Senate by a vote of 24-5. The goals of this Act are to allow Breweries to sell their product on-premise, like a brewpub, and/or to wholesalers, and to remove the crippling [...]

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Why are we boycotting Anheuser-Busch distributors

This is the short version. Because they have been working against our legislation. This is legislation that would increase economic development, directly lead to new jobs in Alabama, and benefit craft beer. We tried to work on a compromise. It didn’t work. We’ve held off trying to move our bills through the legislature while we’ve [...]

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We’re not boycotting Great Divide

We’re not intentionally trying to hurt Great Divide or any other craft brewery. I promise. Our targets in the boycott are a group of wholesalers whose primary product is Anheuser-Busch. Some have suggested we restrict our boycott to Anheuser-Busch. However, we haven’t been dealing with Anheuser-Busch directly. We’ve been dealing with their distributors – independent [...]

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