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When does it all start again?

I’ve been getting a few questions about when we will be pushing our issues, so it’s probably a good time to go over the timeline of the Alabama legislature and Free the Hops. The Alabama legislature is a part-time body – the are constitutionally limited to meet no more than 30 calendar days in regular [...]

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The new legislative leaders, on beer

The Republican caucus in the Alabama Senate and House, now in the majority party for both chambers, chose their nominees for Senate Pro Tem and House Speaker recently. This is one of the major reasons why political parties want a majority. As a caucus, they decide who they will support for these positions as a [...]

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The next term

You’ve probably heard by now. The next Governor consistently voted against Free the Hops legislation as a state representative. Also, both chambers of the Alabama legislature have switched control from a Democratic majority to a Republican majority.  This means that the leadership in the Alabama Senate and Alabama House will shift to the GOP. Free [...]

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