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Rocket City Brewfest now soliciting volunteers

The volunteer signup sheet for the Rocket City Brewfest is now live at We already had over 80 volunteers sign up in the first 24 hours, so slots may not be available much longer. Ticket sales and more information should be available soon. Thanks to our success last year, this year’s brewfest will feature [...]

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The filibuster continues

The Senate failed to do anything significant today and were still locked down in filibuster over the national health care opt out bill. No Brewery Modernization Act vote today.

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Expect a vote Thursday

Although our bill was once again caught in the crossfire Tuesday, the fact that we made the agenda at all is a good sign. The legislature does not go into session today as Wednesdays are typically reserved for committee work. However, although there’s no guarantee that we’ll be on Thursday’s agenda, we should be. We [...]

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The Let Down

It’s starting to become an old story. We’re so close yet something gets in the way. The Brewery Modernization Act was the 8th bill on the Special Order Calendar today, ahead of 7 pieces of legislation that didn’t seem to have much controversy. It looked like we wouldn’t have a problem. Unfortunately, a filibuster started [...]

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SB328, the Brewery Modernization Act in the Senate TODAY!

The Senate tends to be seat-of-the-pants. A few minutes ago we got word that the Brewery Modernization Act is going to be the 8th bill on the Special Order Calendar of the Senate today. If you haven’t expressed your support of the Brewery Modernization Act, now is the time to do so. The best way [...]

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Remembering the Beer Hunter – The J. Clyde on March 27

Those who have been interested in craft beer for a while are probably familiar with Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter, author of several influential books on beer and the host of the popular show, The Beer Hunter, on Discovery. Mr. Jackson’s contribution to beer culture starting in the 1970s continues to have an impact on [...]

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Text of the substitute

As promised, here is the LRS version of the substitute. Brewery Modernization Act substitute[pdf] Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or in the forums.

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Earlier I mentioned that representatives from the ABC Board had expressed some concern about the language of our bill. The Legislative Reference Service is currently crafting a substitute bill to the Brewery Modernization Act that should make everyone happy. What’s a substitute? An amendment is when you want to make some small change to a [...]

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