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Suds of the South

Our Tuscaloosa Chapter has organized a very cool event featuring southern breweries. There are still a few tickets left available online. At $10, this is a great deal. You get to meet and sample beers from the following folks: Lazy Magnolia of Kiln, MS Terrapin of Athens, GA Sweetwater of Atlanta, GA Good People of [...]

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Where is the Brewery Modernization Act?

After we passed the appropriate Senate and House committees, the Brewery Modernization Act was put on an unofficial temporary hold. A representative of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board informed us that they wanted some language in our bill to be clarified before it progressed further. Our people are talking to their people and all that [...]

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Homebrewing legalisation passes Senate!

SB153, the homebrewing legalisation bill, has passed the Alabama Senate! This being politics, there was an amendment made to the bill which helped it to pass. This amendment restricts the transportation of homebrew to no more than 20gallons at a time, whether to clubs, competitions, or whatever, but this does not affect the quantity that [...]

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For clarity’s sake

Because we don’t want to take credit away from others who rightly deserve it, a public service announcement. This year’s Homebrew Legalization bill is not a Free the Hops initiative. Although we fully support SB153 and will utilize our resources to help its passage, the bill is primarily being promoted by a loose alliance of [...]

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Senate T&M committee was busy yesterday

Our Senate flavor of the Brewery Modernization Act, SB328, passed out of the Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee quietly yesterday. It will likely be re-introduced to the full Senate tomorrow. Also of interest, SB153, the Homebrew Legalization bill, passed out of the same committee and received its second reading in the Senate.

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Homebrewing legalization needs your help

The bill to legalize homebrewing, SB153 is not currently on the agenda of the Senate Tourism & Marketing committee. Senator Bobby Singleton is the chairman of the T&M Committee. The other key members of the T&M Committee are Senators Barron, Smitherman, and Z. Little. The best way to contact the senators is to fax and [...]

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Support SB328!

SB328, our Senate flavor of the Brewery Modernization Act, was introduced by Senator Bobby Singleton yesterday. Senator Singleton, a Democrat from Greensboro, was our sponsor last year when we finally passed the Senate.

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HB406 passes House committee

Apparently almost everyone with posting privileges was in Montgomery advocating for our bill, so sorry this is late. HB406, The Brewery Modernization Act, received a favorable report from the House Committee on Tourism and Travel this afternoon after a public hearing. Our sponsor, Representative Oliver Robinson, introduced the bill. Free the Hop members Stuart Carter, [...]

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Brewery Modernization Act hearing

The Brewery Modernization Act will be discussed in the House Committee on Tourism and Travel this Wednesday, February 3, at 1:30PM. If it gets a favorable report from committee, it will go back to the full House where it will wait for a full vote. We expect to have at least one Free the Hops [...]

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