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A Senate update

Tomorrow will be the 6th of 30 legislative days in the 2010 session, and our Senate bill has still not been introduced. No bills have been introduced since day 3 because of the debate over the $1 billion road project proposal.

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Talking Points

I think we got a little spoiled with the Gourmet Beer Bill. By the fourth year of advocacy, everyone knew what we wanted and why we wanted it. It was also a fairly simple measure. With the Gourmet Beer Bill, we spent most of our time combating misconceptions. For the Brewery Modernization Act, much of [...]

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Press about our 2010 Agenda

Birmingham News: Alabama bill aims to help brewpubs through deregulation. I really like this part: Roberts said lifting the restrictions would create economic development opportunities for brewpubs and breweries to grow in the state. “It’s really about making an environment more friendly for business, which ordinarily we would all be in favor of.” Although the [...]

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What’s up in the Senate

As I stated earlier, the Senate passed no bills yesterday. The reason for no new business was because the Senate spent the day debating a $1 billion road bill. We do not expect a first reading in the Senate until after that deadlock is resolved. For those interested in learning more about the dynamics of [...]

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Support HB406

The Brewery Modernization Act was introduced into the House today – HB406 sponsored by Representative Oliver Robinson of Birmingham. No new bills were introduced in the Senate today, so expect our companion Senate bill next week. People always ask how they can help, and I can’t stress this enough – the best way to help [...]

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The Brewery Modernization Act

As promised, here is the text of the Brewery Modernization Act as we currently intend to introduce it: The Brewery Modernization Act [pdf] (41KB) We will not have the House or Senate bill numbers until the bill has had its first reading in either chamber. The bill is fairly easy to understand, even in the [...]

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It’s the economy

While we wait for the text and bill number of the Brewery Modernization Act, allow me to take a moment to give a talking point about our 2010 agenda. Although there will doubtless be opponents to our bill, the Brewery Modernization Act will not increase the availability, portability, or strength of beer in any way. [...]

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Please support Raise Your Pints

Our neighbours to the west are the last remaining state to have the antiquated 5%ABW (approximately 6.25% ABV) beer alcohol limit. As with Alabama, home brewing is illegal. Raise Your Pints are trying to change both of these obsolete restrictions. Those of you who follow this blog have already established that you are an awesome [...]

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The first week

The first week of the legislature has come and gone, and unfortunately the Brewery Modernization Act has still not been introduced. The Legislative Reference Service is a state agency that researches law and writes legislation for the member of the legislature. They are currently drafting our bill based on our criteria and say it should [...]

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Another beer bill

Although Free the Hops is focused squarely on the Brewery Modernization Act, you should also know that there is another bill that would legalize the homebrewing of beer, mead, cider, and wine. SB153 was introduced by Senator Larry Dixon yesterday. Free the Hops openly supports the repeal of the current ban on homebrewing and will [...]

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