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Free The Hops 2010 Legislative Agenda

We told you we weren’t going to stop with ABV.  While that was the original cause that inspired the formation of our organization, there are too many ridiculous beer laws on the books in this state that must be changed to bring us up to date with many other states where beer culture flourishes. After [...]

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Lots of Exciting New Beers!

Things settled down for a while after an initial explosion of new beers that arrived within a month or so of the ABV bill getting signed into law.  I think we saw close to 100 new products over about a six week period.  That was almost exclusively the result of wholesalers bringing in previously forbidden [...]

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Another Riveting Beer Dinner

I perhaps get a little too excited about beer dinners.  I think they are the single most important type of event needed to improve beer’s status in the world of food and beverage.  Any fine restaurant that wants respect from culinary elites has to take its wine list seriously, but almost none of them care [...]

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