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Tips for a Fun and Safe Brewfest Experience

We’ve just added this as a new page to the Brewfest website (under “Tips”) but this is such useful information I think it’s worth highlighting on the blog to make sure more people see it.  Please forward this to everyone you know going to the MCBF as it will make sure everything goes smoothly for [...]

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Magic City Brewfest Updates

First item of note, the Sloss Museum Store is almost sold out of MCBF tix.  If you were planning on buying your tix there, better do it quick and call before you go to make sure they still have some: 205-324-1911.  I don’t have a recent update on where TicketMaster sales stand as our partner [...]

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A few words of thanks

It seems grossly unfair to single out anyone for thanks, as passing our bill was such a huge collaborative effort, but I felt that certain people were deserving of being singled out. * Birmingham Beverage have been 100% behind us since we were founded. Even in the dark days of the 6% limit, they sought [...]

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Yes, there are more important things than beer

The latest criticism of Free the Hops goes something like this – Congratulations on passing the bill. Maybe next time you guys can focus on something important. A less complimentary example is, I can’t believe you guys are spending all this time on beer while there are so many more important things to worry about [...]

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Sympathy For Non-Birmingham, Alabama

I mentioned this previously, but only one distributor in the entire state stocked up on over 6% beer prior to our bill being signed into law, and that distributor serves the greater Birmingham area.  It was a high risk, high reward scenario.  There was never any guarantee our bill would be signed into law before [...]

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Help Us Get Good Beer In Alabama

As I have said in previous posts, the mere passage of our bill raising the ABV limit in Alabama does not guarantee all of your favorite breweries will immediately sign distribution contracts in this state and start shipping beer here.  Many factors affect whether a specific brewery distributes beer in a given state, with production [...]

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Beer Tracking

I’m hearing lots of exciting talk from retailers and from people who have talked to retailers that are making plans to carry lots of new beers.  That’s what this has been about from the beginning, and I love hearing it.  Since I live in Birmingham most of the talk I’m hearing is Birmingham-centric, such as [...]

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Inquiring Minds Want To Know

First, everyone’s asking about what beers will be available when.  Allow me to refer you to the FAQ I penned a week ago: In short, expect to see some stuff on shelves next week.  The big wave of new arrivals will probably take several weeks or more.  And we don’t know when your favorite [...]

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Official confirmation from Governor’s Chief of Staff. If someone tells you he hasn’t signed it, they just haven’t been informed yet. It is a done deal. HB373 is now the law of Alabama.

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Call of the (American) Wild (Ale)

Folks, we have good reason to believe Riley is making his final decision on our bill today, and we will know the outcome today. At this point we think he will probably sign it, but we do not know for certain.  And whatever happens, we don’t want to be sitting around a week from now [...]

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