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Amendment Update

I’ve just received the latest update on the Brooks Amendment.  So here’s the scoop. My own speculation was correct in that the amendment applies to retailers that have an “off-premises” only license, while most upscale grocery stores have “on and off-premises” licenses.  It would not apply to any grocery store that has an on/off-premises license [...]

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The Amendment

I’m hearing/seeing lots of buzz about the amendment. The biggest concern is that it might affect a large number of grocery stores in addition to convenience stores. I’m neither a legal expert on the ABC licensing code nor do I know which grocery stores have which type of license. So I can’t yet authoritatively answer [...]

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I’m surprised we’ve never dedicated a post to the infamous BIR on this blog, as it is a commonly-asked question by people new to following the goings-on of the AL legislature.  For future reference, BIR is short for “Budget Isolation Resolution,” and it is a procedural vote all bills are required to pass in order [...]

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Getting ahead of ourselves

Before we were even listed on the Calendar, supporters were asking whether the Governor was going to sign the Gourmet Beer Bill, veto it, or take some other action. I would prefer we not distract ourselves with this right now. There are more immediate things to worry about. However, in the interest of deflecting further [...]

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Insanity Plus Some Craziness

What a day in the Senate. First, I heard through the grapevine that we had a very high position on the special order calendar, which was very good news, and that turned out to be true.  We were 6th on a calendar of 61 bills.  Very good. But the first unpleasant moment was when I [...]

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The Big Week

Alright folks, lock and load.  All hands on deck.  Get on your mark.  And any other overused phrase that comes to mind. The Senate Rules committee has informed us they intend to get a vote on The Gourmet Beer Bill this week.  The exact timing is still a little up in the air because the [...]

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I was downright impressed by the Senate yesterday.  They adopted a special order calendar with 104 local bills and made it through almost the entire calendar.  Amazing. There were some tense moments, such as when the Greene County bingo bill was brought up early in the day based on the belief that several opponents to [...]

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Big Day

Yesterday the Senate really worked.  They convened at 1pm and started out the day passing a few random bills and going through their usual procedural stuff before bringing up the state education budget, which they debated for a few hours.  Finally, a little after 6pm a cloture motion passed cutting off debate on the budget [...]

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Contact your senator today!

Unfortunately, the Senate is up to its old tricks again this year. Once again, they are regularly deadlocking themselves in filibusters and voting on little to no legislation. We are in the final weeks of the legislative session, and our bill is still sitting there waiting for them to get some work done. All they [...]

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Bad News, Good News

The bad news: the legislative day today was squandered by filibuster. The good news: the people in the know are confident FTH will get its shot at a vote on the Gourmet Beer Bill. That said, let me speak to the post below.  In the comments section there is a lot of anger directed at [...]

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