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No Idea

Your guess is as good as mine on what will happen in the Senate today. We expect the AT&T dereg bill to come up again.  Beyond that, I have no idea whether they’ll get stuck on it all day and go nowhere, or carry it over if a filibuster picks back up, or if it [...]

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Purchase your RCBF tickets today

Online ticket sales are now available for the First Annual Rocket City Brewfest in Huntsville, AL. The brewfest is on the evening of Friday, May 8 and the afternoon of Saturday, May 9. We are using an Alabama-based ticket service called TicketBiscuit that has lower user fees than Ticketmaster. We’ve also confirmed some of our [...]

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Even Less

That’s what happened in the Senate yesterday. They started with a special order calendar with the AT&T deregulation bill in the first slot and never got past that.  They carried it over, which means it can be brought up again later in the session. We are hopeful that we will get our shot sometime in [...]

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Not Much

That’s what happened yesterday in the Senate. After getting through piles of procedural stuff, including confirming some trustees of a some state universities, the Rules chairman announced he had a calendar of about 50 local bills and if they were fortunate enough to make it through that, he had a second calendar prepared consisting of [...]

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A Big Fat Question Mark

That’s how I describe this day.  A day in which absolutely nothing might get done in the Senate, or in which SB132 might pass the Senate floor. I’m naturally inclined to the think the former is more likely, but who knows?  It could very well be something in between.  Perhaps the Senate will work today, [...]

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Rocket City Brewfest

The First Annual Rocket City Brewfest website has been up for a few weeks. Since this is the first year, we have been organizing everything from scratch. We’re very close to having online ticket sales available, and we’re not locked into using Ticketmaster. Huntsville’s brewfest is before MCBF, on May 8th and 9th. Folks in [...]

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Unfortunately for us all, what I’m being told is that the Republican minority has not yet reached a consensus on whether to keep filibustering or let things get moving again when they reconvene on Tuesday . I consider it a bad sign that as of the final day of Spring Break no deal has been [...]

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Magic City Brewfest

The new website is live. The event will be Friday, June 5th from 7pm to 11pm and Saturday, June 6th from 3pm to 7pm. I personally am most excited about Good People Brewing Co.’s committment to brew a special, one-off release you’ll only be able to sample at the Brewfest.  In other words, if you [...]

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Spring Break

Just a reminder that the legislature is on hiatus this week for Spring Break, so there will be no action on our bill. The issue to watch is the posture of the Republicans; will they decide to start passing bills next week, or settle back into a prolonged filibuster? If we hear any news on [...]

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As The Senate Turns – March 12th Edition

Yesterday took some surprising twists, which is not surprising when dealing with the Alabama Senate.  Always expect the unexpected with that group. You’ll recall from the newsletter you received and the blog post below that we expected a bill decreasing regulation on AT&T to take up most or all of the day.  Well, that bill [...]

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